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Step by step...

Step 1

Get in touch via email, social media or our online form and we will send you a sample of the course materials, enrollment and payment info so you can see the format the course is a good fit for you.

IMG_0395 (1).JPG

Step 3

Start the course whenever you are ready and complete your journal either on the portal or send it via email (you can send an electronic version or take a photo of your written journal.)


Step 5

We will have a look at your journal (usually within 24 – 48 hours) and send you any feedback and the next course materials.


Step 2

Have a read of the course overview and then make the payment following the instructions.

Image by Marta Filipczyk

Step 4

If you choose to do the course on our online "Portal" follow the instructions on the course overview and request a login.

Online Course 1.png

Step 6

When you have completed all sections of the course, we will complete your assessment on the DofE portal.

Inout Assessor.jpeg
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