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Bronze DofE - 3 & 6 Month mindfulness course (Current participants)

The Bronze Growing Minds course introduces a remote well-being programme designed to nurture mental health. This program incorporates a range of mindfulness activities, stretching, self-massage, breathing techniques, affirmations, and relaxation exercises. Research indicates that engaging in these activities can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, improve attention span, and spark creativity, particularly in young individuals. Throughout this remote course, participants will acquire valuable insights into the inner workings of the brain and actively participate in exercises aimed at strengthening mental health and overall well-being. This course empowers participants to unleash their creative potential, encouraging them to document thoughts through journaling, capture meaningful moments with photography, and express themselves through various creative pursuits. It serves as a foundational experience for understanding and nurturing a growth mindset. Notably, each participant's journey is carefully self-tailored to their unique preferences, transforming the course into a personalized and engaging experience. The remote format ensures flexibility, allowing participants to progress at their own pace, on their terms, and commence whenever it aligns with their convenience. If you're ready to sign up, simply click the button below. If you need additional information before making a commitment, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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