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Gold DofE - 6 Month mindfulness course

Growing Minds with DofE is a remote well-being programme. It incorporates mindfulness activities, stretching, self-massage, breathing techniques, affirmations and relaxation. Evidence shows that this can help young people decrease stress and anxiety, increase attention span and boost creativity. This remote course will help you learn how the brain works and take part in activities to strengthen mental health and well-being. You’ll be able to use your creative skills to journal your thinking, take photographs and make things. It provides the building blocks for understanding and developing a growth mindset and each course will be individual to you and will become what you make it! This programme is remote so you can work at your own pace and timescale and start whenever you want! Participants spend two weeks on each of the twelve sessions. This will mean you have more time to practice and reflect on the techniques and tools and this should be evident in your fortnightly journals. If you're ready to join the course please click the sign-up button below, however if you'd like a bit more information first please contact us.

You can also join this program via the mobile app.



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